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While Halloween captures the attention of the world, Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere often goes unnoticed. However, we can embrace the magick of this ancient celebration with a unique service that combines the mystical art of candle magick and honey jars. Through this enchanting process, I will work on sweetening your aura, magnetising it, and making your energy irresistible to the perfect lover. This service focuses on harnessing and optimising your energy to attract the ideal person who will uplift, support, and complement you. The aim is to foster a soul mate connection and cultivate a lifelong union where both individuals encourage each other to be their authentic and best selves.

On the sabbat of Beltane, a rare and potent love spell awaits. Join in this sacred ritual, where passion, love, and self-acceptance intertwine. Experience the allure of desire, as we ignite the flames of romance and kindle the spark of self-love.

Ritual will begin on 05/11/23 and reports will be emailed by 20/11/23

Please note:

It will be of great benefit if you write down or journal your intentions for this this ritual. You can focus on one or two, or you may wish to manifest all properties. Setting your intentions in writing will help the process

These spells are performed in private. You do not need to be available for these rituals

Dates are a guide only and subject to change. Please allow a few days grace as often prayer candles will burn longer than expected

Tips: practise grounding and centring techniques throughout this time if you are sensitive to magick/energies

This service is performed using sacred candle magick. Detailed reports will be emailed to each participant but no personal correspondences or consultations will be entered into. 

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