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Come and join our summer group collection as we joyfully celebrate Litha and Lughnasadh. During Litha, we will harness the powerful energy of the season to open new roads and clear any obstacles in our paths. This transformative ritual will guide you towards your highest potential, breaking down barriers and propelling you towards career advancement, happiness, success, and the financial abundance you have diligently worked for.

As we embrace Lughnasadh, we honor the cycle of sowing and reaping. It is the perfect time to call upon abundance and ensure that we are well-stocked and prosperous for the colder months ahead. Our dedicated service focuses on manifesting financial goals and inviting the free flow of abundance into our lives.

Join us in this enchanting journey as we embrace the magic of summer and manifest our dreams of success, wealth, and fulfillment.

LITHA- 20/12/24

LUGHNASADH- 01/02/24

Please note:

It will be of great benefit if you write down or journal your intentions for this this ritual. You can focus on one or two, or you may wish to manifest all properties. Setting your intentions in writing will help the process

This spell is performed in private. You do not need to be available for this ritual

This spell is an extensive ritual and reports will emailed to each participant in the following weeks. Updates are corresponded via Instagram stores so please keep up to date on there  

Dates are a guide only and subject to change. Please allow a few days grace as often prayer candles will burn longer than expected

Tips: practise grounding and centring techniques throughout this time if you are sensitive to magick/energies

This service is performed using sacred candle magick. Detailed reports will be emailed to each participant but no personal correspondences or consultations will be entered into. 


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